Silica gel earplugs

2022-07-18 15:44:40 65

Silica gel earplugs

Modern people like to choose environmentally friendly silica gel earplugs, why? Let's take a look today.


Silicone ear plug uses: improve sleep, concentrate, protect hearing, etc. It is a good helper for you to avoid noise interference at home, dormitory, self-study classroom, travel by car, boat and plane, factory, construction site, downtown and so on. Silica gel earplugs are a good partner for your healthy new life. Silica gel earplugs are also necessary for you to watch F1 races. Silicone earplugs are essential for swimming in summer

Advantages of silica gel earplug:

1. Made of high quality silica gel, the product is soft and non-toxic

2, through the safety certification such as UL, FDA, etc

3, wear comfortable, will not produce any discomfort and stimulation to the ear

4, anti-aging and anti-stretching, more durable than other materials

5, moisture-proof and waterproof, effective against bacteria

Note: Do not turn on the volume too large, wear time is not too long.