Basic introduction of rubber seals

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Rubber seals are a common sealing device, which can be used in various industries and mechanical equipment. They can help people solve the problem of leakage and sealing.

Basic introduction of rubber seals

Chinese name rubber seal

Function leakproof use

Small amount of protein, fatty acid, sugar and ash etc

Properties natural polymer compound

Classification of rubber:

1. According to the source and method of raw materials, rubber can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The consumption of natural rubber accounted for 1/3, the consumption of synthetic rubber accounted for 2/3.

2. According to the appearance of rubber rubber can be divided into solid rubber (also known as dry rubber), latex rubber (referred to as latex), liquid rubber and powder rubber four categories.

3. According to the performance and use of rubber in addition to natural rubber, synthetic rubber can be divided into general synthetic rubber, semi-general synthetic rubber, special synthetic rubber and special synthetic rubber.

4. According to the physical form of rubber rubber can be divided into hard rubber and soft rubber, raw rubber and mixed rubber. According to the type of rubber and crosslinking form, in industrial use, rubber can be classified as follows.

According to heat resistance and oil resistance and other functions, it can be divided into ordinary rubber, heat resistance rubber, oil resistance rubber, weather-resistant aging rubber, and special chemical medium rubber.

Products are now mainly rubber sealing ring, rubber gasket, flange gasket, rubber damping block, rubber O-ring, V-ring, X-ring, Y-ring and other forms, sizes, colors, hardness and materials of rubber products, rubber strip, rubber plate, O-ring, rectangular ring, rubber bead, diamond bead, square pad and so on.

They have their own characteristics and are suitable for different working conditions and industries.

There are three main performance characteristics of rubber:

One is excellent elasticity and flexibility;

Two is good air permeability and resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation, not easy to deformation;

Third, it can be used and compounded with a variety of materials to produce comprehensive performance.

The above is the basic introduction of rubber seals.