Test method for finished products of o-type rubber sealing rings

Test method for finished products of o-type rubber sealing rings

2022-06-27 08:36:54 83

Test method for finished o-ring rubber products

1. Appearance quality inspection

The appearance of o-type rubber sealing ring is visual inspection. General O-type rubber sealing ring is not allowed to exist pores, cracks, impurities, bubbles; The surface should be smooth and clean.

2. Size inspection

O-type rubber sealing ring can be determined according to specific requirements of its section, inner diameter size. According to the size of the specification, the accuracy can meet the requirements of the vernier caliper, ruler or tape; To mobile microscope, projection microscope and other optical instruments to measure.

Dimensions and tolerances shall conform to the dimensions specified in national standards or corresponding requirements, in accordance with the dimensions and tolerances of o-type rubber seals for general and aerospace use for hydraulic systems and components specified in GB 3452.1-92.

3. Inspection of physical and mechanical properties of finished products

O type rubber sealing ring according to different use requirements can also be finished physical performance test. The hardness, tensile properties, compression deformation, tensile deformation, hot air aging, compression stress relaxation, liquid resistance, density test of solid O-ring can be tested according to GB/T 5720-93 standard "O-type rubber seal ring test method".

4. Finished packing inspection of O-ring

The marking, packaging and storage of o-ring products can be carried out in accordance with GB/T 5721-93 standard "General provisions on marking, packaging, transportation and storage of rubber sealing products".