Product details


PC board is also called polycarbonate board, polyester board, Kapulong board.

Weak acid resistance, is based on polycarbonate as the main component, using co-extrusion technology, shows that PC board neutral oil resistance, strong acid resistance, not durable, not alkali resistance, to add coating UV.

But high temperature resistance, good lighting effect PC sunshine board (also known as polycarbonate hollow board, PC hollow board) is a high-performance engineering plastic ----- polycarbonate (PC) resin processing,

It has the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging and so on. It is a kind of high-tech, excellent comprehensive performance, energy saving and environmental protection plastic sheet.

It is a plastic building material widely used in the world, and has incomparable advantages over other building decoration materials (such as glass, plexiglass, etc.).

Product advantages


1.Impact resistance: the impact force of endurance board is 200 times of ordinary glass, 8 times stronger than acrylic board, almost no risk of fracture.

2.Transparency -- daylighting is excellent, transmittance is as high as 75~89%, and its diaphaneity can be comparable with glass.

3.Weather resistance - - surface UV agent (anti ultraviolet) with UV absorption, and into visible light, outdoor long do not fade.

4.Fire resistance -- endurance plate itself does not spontaneous combustion and has self-extinguishing.

5.Heat resistance, cold resistance - - in the minus 30℃ to 130℃ test range, will not cause deformation and other quality changes.

Product scope: residential skylight, industrial plant and warehouse lighting ceiling, swimming pool, stadium, greenhouse cover; Passageways, corridors, parking sheds; Highway noise barriers; Interior screen decoration, shower room, bathroom, balcony partition, furniture, kitchen cabinet door; Advertising light boxes, billboards, outdoor billboards, etc.


The specific size


Need to provide CNC drawings, products can be customized processing.

Material Polycarbonate PC

Specifications Customized as required

Shape Customized according to the picture

Layers Customizable

Matters needing attention:

1, prohibit contact with dry cement surface, acid, alkaline material surface.

2, prohibit contact with benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, tianna water, turpentine and other organic solvents or glue, paint containing such ingredients.

The required product specifications, sizes, types and other different, if you need to order, details please contact customer service to give you a detailed quotation.