EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) materials and their die cutting punching type:


The wide application of digital technology makes electronic equipment develop towards miniaturization and high speed. The digital signal rate processed by electronic equipment is increasing to high frequency at an alarming rate. EMI caused by high frequency has become an important topic in electronic equipment.

EMI not only seriously affects the normal signal routing design inside the system, but also brings electromagnetic pollution to the environment that cannot be ignored. Therefore, all countries have issued strict EMI control standards to measure and regulate EMI level of electronic equipment. EMI main performance indicators: shielding, conductivity, deformation performance and operating temperature range.

Machinable EMI


The main EMI materials that can be processed are:

A. Conductive foam: conductive fiber cloth with high conductivity and anti-corrosion, lined with PU foam with compression force. Conductive foam has a good shielding effect;

B.conductive cloth tape: conductive cloth tape has good electrical conductivity, light, soft and durable, widely used in shielding requirements;

C.conductive copper, aluminum foil tape: with high conductivity, combined with pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive, so that it has excellent conductivity and shielding effect;

D.silicone sheet, double-sided tape, PET, PVC, PC, EVA, CR and related insulating materials;

E. New EMI materials such as conductive silver film and electromagnetic wave absorber.

The specific size


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