The silicone straw


Introduce:Silica gel is a kind of cold and high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly material, its use temperature range between -60℃ to 300℃. Silica gel has stable chemical properties and does not react with any substance. And it is tasteless will not decompose colored objects, is non-toxic, harmless, healthy material.

Product advantages



1.It looks beautiful  2.Non-radiational  3.Cyclic utilization  4.Long life

Specific size


Silicone straws are of various colors and can be customized. For details, please contact our staff.

Matters needing attention:

When using the silica gel straw, the silica gel straw should be far away from the sharp tool, so as not to cut, and away from the open fire, fire carbon, so as not to be melted! Silicone straws can withstand temperatures between -60℃ and 300℃.