The silicone MATS


Silica gel foot pad is mainly made of environmental protection materials, and its main characteristic is environmental protection and durability. Silicone foot pad is made of silicone acid condensation of inorganic polymer colloidal material, stable nature.

1. environmental protection: imported food grade elastomer material, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free, no odor, green environmental protection, no stimulation to infants and young children.

2. skid resistance: accurate clamping position, special granular texture double-sided skid resistance, no slip.

3.waterproof: waterproof needless to say, even if the spread of oil, coke or gum and other stubborn stains, wash dry.

4.service: the edge made of bevel, moderate thickness can be more effectively attached to the original car, effectively avoid the last generation of pad will have a clutch.

5.super wear resistance: no matter how hard, small stone are difficult to wear this product.

6.flexibility: can be folded at will. resistance: high temperature deformation, winter will not become hard and brittle, much better than plastic MATS.

8. Durability: More durable than ordinary 3D footpads and plastic footpads.

Advantages of MATS


Silica gel material is made of silica gel material, which has good sealing, thick material and certain shock absorption and anti-slip effect.

Accurate size manufacturers strict production, small size error, closer fitting.

Customized processing of various shapes, thickness, size can be customized, fast delivery, large quantity of price.

Smooth cutting details of real shooting, rest assured to buy, with adhesive, smooth cutting edge.

 Specific size


Drawings can be customized, please contact customer service.