Thermal conductive silicone


Thermal conductive silica gel refers to a kind of silica gel formed by adding a specific conductive filler on the basis of silicon rubber.

Generally includes, thermal silica gel adhesive, thermal silica gel potting material, and thermal silica gel sheet and thermal silica gel pad that have been vulcanized into a certain shape.

Manufacturers of thermal conductive silica gel adhesive or potting material can generally make different thermal conductivity, curing speed, viscosity, color, hardness and so on according to their needs.

Thermal conductive silica gel sheet (pad) manufacturers can generally make different shapes of products according to needs.

Performance advantages


1.the range of thermal conductivity and stability.

2. The process difference of the structure can be bridged to reduce the process difference requirements of the radiator and heat dissipation structure.

3,.EMC, insulation performance.

4. Effect of shock absorption and sound absorption.

5. installation, testing, reusable convenience.

Application scope:

Thermal conductive silica gel can be widely coated in a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment in the heating body (power tube, silicon controlled, electric heating reactor, etc.) and heat dissipation facilities (radiator, radiator, shell, etc.) between the contact surface, heat transfer medium and moisture, dust, corrosion, shock resistance and other properties. Suitable for surface coating or integral sealing of microwave devices such as microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, microwave special power supply, stabilized power supply, etc. This kind of silicon material provides excellent thermal conductivity effect for electronic components that generate heat. Such as: transistors, CPU assembly, thermist, temperature sensors, automotive electronic parts, automotive refrigerators, power modules, printers and other. K Thermal conductive silicone sheet.

The specific size


Drawings can be customized, please contact customer service for details